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Internet chat has to be the most under-recognized and under-utilized communication method available to business community, a chat agents can handle 2 to 3 customers simultaneously and companies can use both domestic and/or offshore agents for their support, chat is typically delivered at one third the cost of a phone call and First Time Resolution (FTR or FCR) rates are significantly higher than email and at least equal to those obtained over the phone. We provide state of the art chat support services and use best human resource to cater the needs of our clients. At TalkAgent our agents are trained by professionals and our management does frequent as well as random checks to make sure the quality standard is maintained. Our wide range of services can be based on any combination of technologies which suits our clients’ needs and the needs of their respective customers. We will provide a service of unrivaled quality, accuracy, reliability and value – virtual power and actual savings.



With our Click To Talk support solution your customers can simply initiate a call session with a representative by clicking a Click-To-Talk button on the website. Their questions can be answered immediately or explanations given to allow the visitor to fully understand your product or service. Our agents can react to customers / visitors on a personal level while any additional information can be pushed to the customers / visitors.



In today’s era email support is considered as a back bone for any organization. Most of the communication in the corporate world is done through emails and everyone who sends an email expects a prompt and precise response to his queries. At Green Lines we take emails very seriously and we make sure that every email is responded on time as well as precise and accurate information is provided.

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Nobody thinks of starting a business without hiring the adequate and perfect people for the jobs that are required for the operations of the business. Same is the case with the websites but the only difference is a local business works during normal business hours whereas a website is open 24X7X365 and customer land on it all the time hoping to talk to someone who can help them.
We at Green Lines provide support coverage for your website round the clock 365 days of the year, since customers don’t take an off for their shopping so as the issues which they may face then why should we take a day off in providing quality support to them. We not only just provide sales support we also provide after sales service for the websites as well by which we cater any issues which may raise from the product or service which a customer has purchased in the past.

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